WUF- Werner und Frieda offers 3 main types of media-related services. Concerts, media production and tuition are the main areas of WUF's activities.


Our core business is to bring the Electronic Tuba Music to the public eye and ear. We do this:

1. On stage, wired and fully electrified.

2. In a small acoustic setting, just Werner und Frieda with some playback for the electronics.

Media Production

As a video journalist, Werner is specialized in documentation of social or political events. Our focus is on debates, discussions and outdoor live-production i.e. interviews. Cameras and microphones are the main players, Frieda can serve to round off the event sonically.


The third area of business is all about converting the theoretical knowledge into real life skills. We do online teaching as well as workshops about media creation, live electronic setups and general media production. The tuba blog is also dedicated to the process of creation.