WUF- Electronic Tuba Music

the tuba's place in electronic music

Music. Media. Art. Society. Technology.

Electronic Tuba Music is everywhere.

Music, that is jamming, composing, listening.

Media is the part where the Frieda shines- the pixels on the internet.

Art means "I used to have hobbies before the Frieda".

Society is the fabric that holds everything together. WUF takes place between and among people.

Technology- both blessing and curse. ..."there should be more women involved in digital audio workstations", thats what the Frieda says.

Why English?

Although we are based in Vienna/Austria, we decided to run the page in English. This is largely due to the fact that brass music is generally a local phenomenon. The internet is the exact opposite, so by running the site in the "internet language" we aim for a more international audience. Some of you might be interested in the micro-music scene. Local particularities have always had a huge impact on musical styles, whereas the interconnectivity and 24/7 availability of content flattens the isolated process of creation.

With our site, we try to bridge that gap by providing content that resonates both locally and virtually.

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The Hunter:

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